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There is a shift happening. Do you feel it, too?

Perhaps we’ve reached peak busy. Peak superficial. Peak useless crap.

At least, that’s what I feel.

I sense a growing dissatisfaction with our busy, modern-day lives. I’ve been searching for something. But not more stuff. More meaning. More authenticity. More simplicity.

And I bet that I’m not alone.

Do you remember that feeling you had when you were young?

That sense of wonder when watching a ladybug in the garden? Or the excitement of a big storm and getting to stay home with a mug full of hot chocolate? The moments of the pure bliss of playing outside in the long hours of late daylight on summer evenings?

How, and when, did we lose those feelings?

Yes, we got older and gained responsibilities, but those aren’t feelings that only a child can experience. I think it’s because we became so wrapped up in the busy-ness of today’s modern world, technology took over our lives, and we started to live our lives in ways to please other people, not the way that made us truly happy. Soon, we were no longer able to notice the small, simple moments. We became distant from the magic of the Earth, and we lost sight of ourselves.

It’s time to take a step backward.

I’m Melissa.

I’m a freelance writer, garden designer, and lifestyle blogger.

I help people cultivate a slow and simple life, that is richly rooted in nature.

I share personal musings, seasonal recipes and projects, advice for wellness and wellbeing, ways to connect with the cycles of the seasons and the magic of our Mama Earth, and ways to embrace the age-old traditions of our ancestors.

I hope my words inspire you to slow down, tune into the cycles around you, cherish the small, simple things, but above all, to live your best life.

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